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Crown Reduction

Crown reduction is the reducing of the overall size of the crown of the tree by shortening the branches by cutting them back to suitable growth points. Crown reduction is usually carried out where a tree has outgrown the space it stands in. When carrying out a crown reduction branches are cut back to maintain a suitable shape and structure reflecting the natural shape of the tree.


Crown Lifting

Crown lifting involves removing the lower branches in the crown of the tree. This is often done to provide clearance, over paths or roads for example, or sometimes to allow more light to pass beneath the crown.


Crown Thinning

Crown thinning involves the selective removal of branches throughout the crown, such that the overall shape of the crown is not significantly changed. Crown thinning allows more light penetration and air circulation throughout the crown. It is important to work throughout the crown, including its outer edges, focusing on removing small diameter branches. Removing too many branches from the centre of the crown can result in a tree with poor structure.



Pollarding is a maintenance regime to prune trees to a predetermined height. All the branches are removed back to a framework of secondary branches off the main stem. Regrowth since the last pollard is then removed back to the ‘knuckles’ at regular intervals.



Deadwooding is the removal of all dead and damaged branches out of the crown of the tree. This is carried out for safety reasons and also to enhance the overall appearance of the tree making it neat and tidy.



Dismantling is a method of tree removal when felling from the ground cannot be done. The tree will be climbed and taken down in small sections, or ropes will be used to lower sections of the tree to the ground to avoid damage to the surrounding area or buildings.

Dismantling is a common method of tree removal, it may be necessary to dismantle even the smallest of trees, depending on whether felling the tree in one go is appropriate and safe.


Hedge Trimming

Hedge trimming is a maintenance service performed to define, resize or reshape a hedge to improve its appearance.



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