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Clean Cut Forestry offer a unique business unlike any other in the Highlands. We offer a solution on how to make use of those forgotten corners of woodlands that are too small to warrant high haulage costs for large machines to extract timber,  but just too big to cut and shift  wood by hand. We strive to operate in small scale woodlands and sensitive sites keeping ground damage to a minimum.

We use a specialist piece of machinery called an Alstor 8×8 to extract the timber, leaving very little mess. The Alstor avoids the need for large tracks to be cut into the woodland as the machine is only 4 ft wide, and weighs only 1.5 tonne! It is low impact with optimum terrain capability. The Alstor is highly portable and can be towed behind a vehicle when being moved between sites, keeping transportation costs to a minimum.

Many of woodlands we have previously thinned have been done at no cost to the owner. The sale of the wood covers all of the cutting, stacking, extraction and selling costs. Some sites that have poor tree selection, or very long extractions routes, may incur extra costs, but this can be advised on an individual basis.

We also offer services in clearing windblown trees, tiding up areas of woodland affected by storm damage, and large trees that have fallen in fields; all done with minimal impact. The manoeuvrability of the Alstor allows us to access areas of woodland that a larger machine simply could not, avoiding the need to fell perfectly healthy trees to gain entry.

Here is a short video of the Alstor extracting birch from a lovely piece of woodland on Erchless estate near Beauly.




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